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This is not a book that you read once and put aside. Page after page, there are useful tips. You can open any random page at any time and learn a new skill that you can put into practice immediately.”

- Dr. Ruth Gotian, Chief Learning Officer and Assistant Professor of Education in Anesthesiology at Weill Cornell Medicine, and Forbes Contributor

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A must read handbook for the twenty-first century professional. Every chapter is packed with pragmatic tools and approaches to accelerate your career.”

- Oliva Fox Cabane, Author of The Charisma Myth

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A valuable manual deftly shows that certain success skills can’t be learned in the classroom.”

- Kirkus Reviews

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Something I wish I had when leaving school and entering the work world.”

- Jasmina Aganovic, Venture Partner, NextGen Venture Partners

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For the past 20 years I have witnessed Mark helping people take control of their careers and finding success and happiness along the way. He speaks the truth using logic, data, and compassion. I am thrilled that Mark finally wrote his wisdom down so that even more people can benefit. Now, more than ever, we need The Career Toolkit.”

- Chris Resto, Co-author of Recruit or Die: How Any Business Can Beat the Big Guys in the War for Young Talent, Founder & CEO, Blueprint Talent Group

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From negotiation to ethics, Mark provides a great how-to guide for navigating career milestones.”

- Jen Pinson, Chief Operations Officer, Business and General Aviation, GE Aviation

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The Career Toolkit is a book I wish I had read in college. But better late than never. It's still useful even now, 20 years into my career.”

- Jeanne Boyarsky

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A well thought-out approach and clearly defined structure, paired to an omni-applicable strategy and Herschberg's absorbable writing, makes The Career Toolkit an insightful digest for readers of all careers.”

- BookLife Prize

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The book explores strategies you can use to increase productivity . . . many of which would be tricky to arrive at without the broad and insightful view provided by The Career Toolkit.”

- Ivy Exec

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The Career Toolkit is beneficial for those who may be stuck in a career rut . . . . It's like a booster shot in the arm, and you can personalize a plan to meet your individual needs. The exercises and activities are a bonus to motivate you toward a new way of thinking about success.

- Readers' Favorite

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