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Learn how small businesses can improve and make better use of their networks.


What are the essential skills and where do they come from?


I'll be joining Australia's morning news show on Ticker to discuss the book.


We talk about calendars and thinking time at work and then get into techniques for building your network, inside and outside your office.

Career Plans

Career plans, leadership, and networking.


Passion in Your Work

Robert MacPhee and I will take about using your passion to help you thrive at what you do.

Careers, Leadership, Communication

We discuss hwo to think about your career, the secrets of leadership, and fundamentals of communication.

What L&D can learn from MIT's Career Success Accelerator

A discussion about how we teach these skills at MIT and how organizations can replicate a similar program for their employees.


I go through some of my own career and how the skills in the book helped me.



How to get on podcasts and how to promote you book, product, or service using podcasts.


We'll be talking about some of the fundamental principals of negotiation.


Podcasts & Webisodes

The Career Skills You Need To Succeed Post-Pandemic

We'll be discussing how these skills apply to marketing and what marketers can do to bring these skills ot their whole organization.


In this HCI Podcast episode, Dr. Jonathan H. Westover talks with Mark Herschberg about the skills essential to thriving organizations and how individuals and organizations alike can work to develop them.

Job Description Complexities

In a competitive hiring market job descriptions need to be thought of like advertising. Learn how to avoid common mistakes and have your recruitment stand out from the crowd.

Author Mark Herschberg Gives The Lounge The Tools To Kick Off 2021 The Right Way

Mark talks about how his book gives the soft and leadership skills to prepare people for any job they are seeking!  We also talk about interviews, ballroom dancing competition, MIT sports, the dark web, shot glasses, cufflinks and more!

Interview kung fu

Mark Herschberg discusses writing an effective job post, how to hire smartly, and we share our favorite interview questions.

Career Development

A fantastic conversation with an amazing interviewer. We discussed a range of professional skills and how your organization can implement them.

Podcast & Webisode
Your Network is Your Netvalue

A free flowing discussion on networking, including tips for those who feel they have nothing to bring to the table.

Available on Anchor, Spotify, Apple, and Youtube.

The Power Of Negotiating Small Wins and Create A Career Plan with Mark Herschberg

Mark talks to Phil about the value to be found in incremental victories through small negotiations. He also discusses why we should all create a career plan as soon as possible.

Mulling Over Academics & Careers w/ Mark Herschberg, Author & Teacher by Choice!

In this episode, we discuss the changes in academia and careers in the new world we live in - pre, and post-pandemic. Tune in!

Radio Interview

I'll be speaking with Express Yourself!™ about how firm skills can help teenagers. We also cover online voting and a few other fun topics.

Essential Skills for Success That No One Taught You

In this episode, Jennie and Mark discuss: 1) Attributes of a successful business, 2) Workplace skills that we were never taught, 3) Interpersonal skills, communication tips, mental models, negotiating, and networking, 4)  Recognizing ethical challenges in the workplace.

Decoding the Workplace to Advance Your Career

You've mastered the functional skills for your job, but you also know there's more needed to be successful. No matter your role, there are universal job skills that will help you succeed and advance in your career...

 Interview with Mark A. Herschberg

Mark speaks with Janice-Dru-Bennett, Founder and Head of Marketing at Inkwhy. Wtach the video or read the transcript


MIT - Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Princeton University
University of Michigan
USC -  University of Southern California
NYU - New York University

Groups & Organizations

Seattle CTO Club
TENG Technology Executive Networking Group

The Career Toolkit shows you how to design and execute your personal plan to achieve the career you deserve.

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