The book is divided into three sections: Career, Leadership & Management, and Interpersonal Dynamics. Although the topics do reinforce each other each chapter can be read on its own. If you’re facing a particular challenge you can jump ahead to any chapter.

At the end of the book you'll have developed a wide ranging set of skills for your career. You'll be able to create a plan to get you to where you want to go, and apply the other skills both strategically and tactically to accelerate your career.


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Chapter 1. Career Plan

Everyone has a dream job, but how do you get there? Starting with inputs and key questions learn how to define your goals and chart a path to get you where you want to go. The process can help you at any stage of your career.

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Chapter 2. Working Effectively

How do you get the most out of your job? Learn how you can improve your effectiveness in any role in order to deliver better results, and advance more quickly in your career.

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Chapter 3. Interviewing

Successful teams require strong team members, but most companies don’t provide hiring training. You’ve likely learned how to interview but have you learned how to hire? Learn how to hire others⁠—and become a better candidate yourself.

Leadership & Management

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Chapter 4. Leadership

Leading doesn’t start when you become a manager, but rather the day you start your career. Learn the components of leadership and how you can begin to lead today. Even if you never want a leadership role, these skills will help you be a more effective team member.

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Chapter 5. Management: People

Ask any manager and they’ll tell you the hardest part of the job is the people. From defining what a manager actually does, to team development, to motivation these fundamental techniques will help you become more effective whether you’re an individual contributor or in the executive suite.

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Chapter 6. Management: Process

This chapter looks at how a modern team executes including team communication, reflection and learning, effective meetings, and more. The tools here will apply across industries and functions, allowing both you and your teammates to operate more effectively.

Interpersonal Dynamics

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Chapter 7. Communication

We each view the world through our own lenses, shaped by our individual knowledge and experience. Learning to identify these lenses will help you effectively convey your ideas to others.

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Chapter 8. Networking

Everyone says networking is critical but when it comes down to it, most people don’t know what to actually do. Learn specific techniques and tools to build relationships and grow your network.

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Chapter 9. Negotiation

Imagine if you negotiated your next job offer and got just $1,000 more. Over the next thirty years in that job you just earned $30,000. Of course you’ll have many more job offers and raises to negotiate in the future so that $30,000 is just the beginning. Learning to negotiate can earn you tens of thousands, even hundreds of thousands of dollars more over your career.

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Chapter 10. Ethics

Your impact on the world comes not just from you as an individual, but from what you do in and through your company. You will face ethical questions in your career and as with other challenges if you’re not prepared, you run the risk of making the wrong decision.

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Table of Contents

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The Career Toolkit shows you how to design and execute your personal plan to achieve the career you deserve.

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