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Candidate Interview Questions

Ensuring the job is a fit for you
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To learn how best to employ these questions during an interview, see the blog post: Not Sure How to Ask about Corporate Culture during an Interview? Blame Me.


  1. What is the office culture like? What’s it like in the company and specifically in this team, which I realize may have its own subculture?

  2. How has the culture changed in the last three years?

  3. What three words would you use to describe your company culture?

  4. What traits do you / the team value in team members?

  5. I’ve read the company values; can you give me examples of how the team applies them?

  6. What values does the team embrace that aren't on the company website?

  7. What personality types / traits are a fit for the team / company?

  8. How would you describe the organizational politics of the company?

  9. How often do people outside the team socialize?

  10. What’s the dress code?


  1. What is your management style / philosophy?

  2. What’s the decision-making process like for the team?

  3. When and how do you like to give feedback?

  4. How are conflicts usually resolved?

  5. What’s been the biggest conflict on the team?

  6. What’s your preference between having issues brought to you in meetings, in person, in email, or over messaging?

  7. How have you supported former employees of yours who have struggled in some way?


  1. What would make someone a success in this role?

  2. What support do you provide during the onboarding process?

  3. In a typical month, in rough percentages how do you see me spending my time between different tasks? (Note 1: you may need to clarify, not your first month or two when you’re getting up to speed, but rather in the long term, the steady state. Note 2: when the reply is, “No month is typical'' try, “Oh, I totally get that. Ok, in the next year then, in rough percentages . . .”)

  4. Where will the company / team be in the 2-3 years? How will things be different in role, if at all?

  5. What are the expectations of availability and responsiveness when outside the office / standard working hours?

  6. Where will this job take me in this company down the road?

Engagement & Support

  1. How did you / the company support people during the covid pandemic?

  2. Is there a process for employee feedback?

  3. What type of training does the company provide for employee development?

  4. What’s the average time for a promotion across the company?

  5. What does the company do to engage employees?


  1. What are the best parts about working here?

  2. What are the worst parts about working here?

  3. What’s the average tenure of people on the team?

  4. Can you walk me around the office on my way out so I can get a sense of the mood and style of it?

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