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The Career Toolkit Hiring Sheet

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Hiring Team

Required: Hiring Manager

Desired: Teammates

Preferably at least two people who will be working with this person, at least one of whom has a similar role, if possible.

Optional: Peers

One or more people from other teams with whom this person may interact as part of his/her responsibilities.

Hiring Process

Hiring ProcessHiring Process
1. Define the role

Define the requirements

  1. What are the skills needed for the role?

  2. What experience is needed for the role?

  3. What personal qualities and attributes are.

Weight the requirements using one of the following methods

  1. Ordinal ranking 1..N

  2. Percentage of time

  3. Weighting (e.g. high, medium, low)

2. Define the interview process
  1. What are the phases, which can include any and all of the following: resume review, initial phone screen, interview, assessment tests, assignments.

  2. What skills are you trying to access in each stage? How will you access them?

3. Engage
  1. Meet with the candidate.

  2. Take notes during our after. Relate the notes back to the requirements in step one.

4. Discuss
  1. Discuss the candidate as a group.

  2. Comments for and against should be related back to the requirements of the role.

5. Decide
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